Letters to the Editor

We're free at last in Nevada

Having moved to Nevada almost five years ago from Modesto, I still enjoy reading The Bee online. I especially enjoyed "Letter writer is an 'apple-pie American' " (March 19, Page B-6) about Dan Cron, a friend. Dan is a perfect example of a real American and tells it like it is. My husband and I left California for most of the reasons Dan writes about.

In Nevada, an honest citizen is able to get a permit to carry a weapon by passing a test and background check. The Second Amendment gives the right for citizens to bear arms, except in California and D.C. Every day I see people migrating to Nevada from California for these very reasons.

My husband was born and raised in Modesto and had a hard time leaving family and friends. But the freedom Nevada offers more than makes up for that.


Fallon, NV