Letters to the Editor

Karl Rove takes on Jesus Christ

History repeats itself -- a movie screenplay:

Time: 2,000 years ago

Place: Middle East

Two men (Marcus and Karlus Rovius) are sitting watching their camels drink at the water trough.

Marcus: Who is this Jesus Christ who's running for spiritual leader?

Karlus Rovius: Don't vote for him -- he's friends with that woman who runs the "Jerusalem welcome wagon," er ... Mary ... something or other.

Marcus: Is she the one that's hugging him in that big picture you've got on every street corner? The one with a couple of scantily dressed gals trolling the background?

Karlus Rovius: Yeah ... we did a wonderful job, didn't we?

Marcus: But she's not running, it's him.

Karlus Rovius: Yes, but how would you like to have a leader who condones somebody who's a member of the oldest profession and could influence our kids? Aren't you scared stiff? You ought to be.

Marcus: (doubtfully) I ... guess so.