Letters to the Editor

Board decision could be lethal

I think the Board of Supervisors needs to be placed on psychotropic medication -- they are clearly not in their right minds. Millions of "average" people take Prozac, Paxil, etc. These are on the minor end of the psychotropic spectrum. These meds are very costly and trying to get off them can cause vomiting, seizures, even death. Cutting off the meds of indigent people with severe psychological disorders is reckless and cruel. These meds severely alter the brain's chemistry and have to be monitored carefully.

The Supreme Court has halted executions because they are cruel; this act is worse. These patients are going to suffer horribly and I sincerely hope that they or their families sue the board when the consequences of this decision begin. Not only will society be potentially unsafe, there will definitely be suicides. I guess the Gallo Arts Center was more important than human life.