Letters to the Editor

We have an expressway in progress

A great example of pork-barrel politics can be seen on the Salida portion of the proposed North County Transportation Corridor. Supervisor Jeff Grover didn't get his way when voters passed Measure E instead of Measure L. Grover doesn't care what the majority wants. Now he has tacked the expressway route of the Salida Now project on to the proposed corridor. By doing that, he has found a way to shove at least one aspect of Salida Now down voters' throats.

It appears the supervisors haven't noticed the homes and businesses being torn down to widen Kiernan Avenue to six lanes. Rather than a brand-new road that cuts through prime farmland, forcing even more homes to be torn down, Kiernan, in its new, wider form is the logical choice for the expressway route from Carver Road to Highway 99, and Kiernan is a done deal with funding in place!

Instead, the supervisors prefer to spend millions more to carve yet another expressway through some of the best farmland in the county. It's time for the supervisors to put away their dreams of megadevelopment in Salida and listen to the majority of voters for a change.