Letters to the Editor

World is a worse place because of Iraq war

As I took part in the annual vigil sponsored by the Peace Life Center in Modesto to commemorate this anniversary of the war, I reflected about the pain inflicted on Iraq and its people by this regrettable misadventure that was supposed to be a piece of cake and bring our style of government to that country. Instead, democracy hasn't taken hold, the economy is still in shambles, sectarian violence is prevalent, and the only visible accomplishments are death, destruction, corruption and demolished infrastructure. Nobody seems to know where the money the United States has provided disappeared to, and hefty oil revenues don't seem to be doing any good.

As Ali Marzook put it in the article "Little to show for suffering" (March 19, Page B-7), there's no hope, no optimism. Iraqis are surrounded by fear, depression and violence. Still, our delusional president keeps defending his decision, insisting this was a good cause, and feeding us the line "the world is a better place for it."

Sickening nonsense!