Letters to the Editor

Going to Iraq may have lost us Afghanistan

After reading Trudy Rubin's column "Dismantling the Iraqi army lost us the war" (March 20, Page B-5), I was so mad and ashamed. We go like sheep and believe what we're told. Until about two years ago, I was a follower and believed most of the B.S. that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the like were telling us.

After Sept. 11 I fell in line, and it took about three years until I realized something was not right. Maybe it was that no weapons of mass destruction were found or just the build-up of lies. More and more learned individuals were questioning and showing proof that Bush was telling us half-truths and lies. I finally took myself off the Republican roll and registered independent.

I support our brave soldiers, sailors and Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. I just don't think Iraq was wise. I still think the initial action in Afghanistan was justified, but Iraq even mucked up the Afghanistan operation by pulling troop strength and materiel from that justified military theater. I wonder about how we are handling that situation politically now.