Letters to the Editor

Understanding overcomes 'hatred, fear and violence'

It was heartening to realize that the two opponents in the March 19 peaceful flag pulling at Needham and J streets found a spontaneous and respectful resolution to their miniwar. When I saw the tugging over the Stars and Stripes, I knew there could be trouble and waited to feel a rise in the tide of resentment. However, mano y mano turned into a quiet time in the corner parking lot while observers and witnesses oozed back to allow privacy.

What became apparent is that the altercation had not escalated, as I had anticipated, and that the older liberal and the younger conservative had not needed to resort to loud and abusive, destructive behavior.

The next morning, I read ("Above all, it's our flag," Page B-1) that the gentlemen had agreed to fold up their differences in respect, not repudiation, of one another or their political differences. The ideals and moral justifications melted and blended the aspects of their dichotomy. The paradigm is shifting: hatred, fear and violence can be undone by quiet love and understanding.