Letters to the Editor

Ending psych meds hurts beyond cost

The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors made a reckless decision when they voted 3-2 to eliminate access to psychotropic medication to some members of our community. It was obvious that Supervisor Tom Mayfied had merely glanced over the condensed report that was provided for the hearing when he repeatedly asked a question that had been clearly answered in that report.

That was about the only thing that was clearly answered in that report, though. It was a travesty, grossly omitting anything pertaining to the short-term sociological repercussions that will be felt by all of us in our homes and in public. Not just violent crime, but an entire repertoire of unintended criminal behavior, of which we shall all face the consequences just so the Health Department can scrape off a quarter-million of a multimillion-dollar shortfall.

Only Supervisors Bill O'Brien and Jim DeMartini could see clearly through this deceptive haze. But it was not enough. What will the other three say when Columbine happens here? "We'll figure somethin' out in the next 60 days."