Letters to the Editor

Enforce city's anti-sign ordinance

Modesto is becoming the "Yard Sale Capital of the Central Valley." Now that the almond blossoms have come and gone, it's time for bargain hunting. Regrettably, a small percentage of these sales are prompted by the home mortgage crisis. However, most are generated by the annual rite of spring cleaning and the urge to reduce the clutter in the two-car garage so at least one car fits.

The season is heralded in by big, brightly colored signs posted at major intersections around town. They are often lime green, raspberry red or fuchsia pink. The downside to this cardboard clutter is the potential traffic hazard it creates. The eyes see green when the traffic light is red; the brain neglects to tell the foot to press the brake and not the gas, and a major accident results. Or, the driver slows to read the sign and the light turns red before the motorist clears the intersection.

Unfortunately, these signs are not usually removed after the sale. Sometimes, they block the view of oncoming traffic. The city has an ordinance which prohibits these signs -- it provides the police another tool to promote traffic safety. Stricter enforcement is needed.