Letters to the Editor

Dump Democrats, not Denham

What is wrong with our Democrats in Sacramento? They have qualified a "Dump Denham" measure for the June ballot. Do you remember the motive for wanting to recall him? The Democrats didn't like the fact that he would not go along with their little game and refused to pass the inflated state budget. He said the resources were not there, and the state cannot afford the price tag. I remember reading how angry they were and how they tried to pressure him to join their cause. Time after time he refused to give in. That's when the Democratic majority started this "Dump Denham" campaign. They want to recall him because he had the foresight and the fortitude to stand up against them. It turned out he was right, and they were left with egg on their faces. Now they are scrambling to salvage any form of hacked-up budget they can. I think the new recall slogan should be "Keep the best, dump the rest."