Letters to the Editor

Wedding bells would ring register bells, too

My husband and I have lived in Turlock for more than 20 years, and we like to spend our money in town whenever possible. However, when we married 3½ years ago, there were not any all-inclusive venues in Turlock. So we chose a place in Sacramento County that provided food, cake, beverages and music, making it easy for us to make arrangements and saving us a lot of time. Several guests spent the previous night nearby, spending money on meals and lodgings. Wedding photography and rings were the only large expenses we kept in Stanislaus County.

The economics of weddings are such that we either make it easy and desirable for brides to spend their money here, or the money benefits another town. Turlock will benefit greatly by becoming a wedding capital. I heartily recommend Turlock's Downtown Property Owners Association and the City Council move ahead with this project.