Letters to the Editor

Democrats self-condemned

I was somewhat annoyed by the letter "Who goes to hell? God decides" (Feb. 5). The writer claims that being a registered Democrat does not make a person bad nor condemn them to hell. On the contrary, one cannot be both a Christian and at the same time a practicing Democrat, for Democrats publicly promote the evil of abortion (murder) and homosexuality, both of which are unequivocally condemned by God and the Bible.

The writer is also incorrect in claiming, "There's no one sin that's worse than another." Any Christian worthy of the name knows that killing is much more serious than stealing an apple. Even civil courts know this. It is true that all men are sinners and that God is forgiving. But if we stand by our sins and do not repent them, then it will not be God who condemns us, but rather we who end up condemning ourselves.