Letters to the Editor

There are veal crates in use in California

Regarding the letter " 'Factory farms' initiative unneeded" (Jan. 31), the writer should study the consequences of factory farming and how harmful it is to animals and residents in California. In reference to the comment that there are virtually no veal crates or gestation crates in California -- it is untrue, and even if it were true, should it then be lawful to inhumanely confine some animals so extremely that they cannot turn around, walk or extend their limbs or wings for their entire lives and be denied every natural behavior? Of course not.

To say that all farmers employ humane practices is naive. Hopefully television viewers saw the horrifying undercover footage of sick animals being tortured on the evening news at Hallmark Meat Packing in Chino.

Family farmers, veterinarians and public health officials support the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act because it is a fact that stressed animals are much more susceptible to disease. Who wants to consume products from sick and diseased animals? I invite all readers to research the terms "battery cages," "veal crates" and "gestation crates" to learn the truth.