Letters to the Editor

Ceres has an identity -- it's bad

In reference to the article "Identity crisis" (Feb. 4, Page A-1): Ceres, in fact, has an identity. It is known for its high drug and gang activity and its corrupt police practices.

Don't believe me? Simply go to another city in the area and ask someone what first comes to mind when you mention Ceres. The answer is always, "Dirty little town with bad cops."

For many of us who live here this is the reality. It has been so bad that we have often told people we are from Modesto to avoid being ridiculed.

To say that we Cereans live in some quaint, close-knit community is an absolute farce. In reality, it is an embarrassing, crime-ridden city whose community leaders have long ago abandoned its citizens.

There is simply too much focus on growth and not enough attention on fixing or cleaning up what is already here. It is simply too late to ask, "What does Ceres want to be?"