Letters to the Editor

If we pray, nation will get better

I would like to comment on the real state of the union. This country is under attack from both foreign and domestic enemies. Both Islamic and communist belief systems are trying to undermine and destroy the American way of life. Courts overturn laws because they might offend some person or religion. Politicians insult and demoralize the military even as the soldiers are at great risk. The so-called leader of Iran promises to destroy this country and yet he is allowed to speak on our soil at American universities. Foreign business and elite are threatening our economy by devaluing the dollar.

Yet, no matter how bleak the situation may be for this nation, there is hope. God said, "If my people humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land." The situation of Britney Spears and the tragic death of Heath Ledger are good examples of how much we need God. If we are honest, each of our lives is a perfect example of how much we need God. So even if the state of the union gets worse, the state of our lives will get better if we turn back to God.