Letters to the Editor

Moody speaks to college students

Liz Moody is an inspiration to us all. I've been an avid Bee reader for more or less six years. I admit, I don't read it every day, but I've made a point to read Liz Moody's column every week. I've thoroughly enjoyed her since I started reading her pieces and, now well into my second year of college in San Francisco, I read it weekly with my roommates -- who are Liz Moody converts from various places in California.

Lately, she's been getting mountains of heat from people who think The Bee is wasting space publishing "bad choices"; readers who don't see the value in printing her thoughts, adventures and words of wisdom. Frankly, I just think they're jealous. Who wouldn't want to be a well- traveled, experience-having twentysomething in college with her whole life ahead of her?

If all you want to read about are the scholastic accomplishments of young people (which Liz Moody doesn't lack), read the Buzzz's scholarship announcements. Moody keeps it real, as far as college life goes, which is why we read her column. Keep on keepin' on, Liz.

And to those who don't like it, avert your eyes. The Bee is wise to keep her column.