Letters to the Editor

Immigrants should learn English

As a legal, law-abiding, hardworking, taxpaying American citizen, I ask myself these questions often: Have we lost sight of the original concepts upon which this country was built? What has happened to responsibility and a hard work ethic? Why do we want to blame others for our mistakes instead of looking into the mirror and taking responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof? Why have our standards dropped so much instead of rising? Why is it all about "me" now instead of "us"?

All four of my grandparents immigrated, legally, into this country from Sweden in the early 1900s. They worked hard to do their part to help make this country a better place and to help build its economy, just as my parents, myself, my siblings and so many countless others have done. My grandparents did not expect society to cater to them or their language, but instead they worked hard and took the responsibility to learn, and teach their children, English, the standard language of the United States.

I consider it downright arrogant and reverse discrimination for one culture to be catered to when there are so many other cultures and languages in our world.