Letters to the Editor

Academy a 'utopia' for students

I applaud the Stanislaus County Board of Education for giving the Great Valley Academy another look. This is an innovative school that has the potential to make a large impact on education in our county.

Everyone is looking for the "utopian" school for their child. A school that fosters character, that puts students first, a school where a second language is taught at a young age, a place where both teachers and students want to be. A school where our children are safe and not stressed. Dr. Eldon Rosenow and Principal Cy Cole will provide our children this place.

With Tom Changnon, the county superintendent of schools, leading the way for educational innovation and GVA, I can only hope and assume his influence will lead to the charter being approved.

Thinking out of the box can be scary, but it can also be right.



Editor's note: This charter school proposal will be considered by the county Board of Education at its Tuesday meeting.