Letters to the Editor

Give recyclables to someone in need

Our Dumpster has been "inspected" over the years without any undue messes being left. We shred our financial and other personal information, so there's no concern about identity theft.

It's so sad that a few bad eggs have ruined things for the honest souls just trying to supplement their income or relying on scavenging for their only income.

I applaud the business recently noted in The Bee for kindly letting a certain man take recyclables from their Dumpster.

I'd like to offer my own method for trying to help. I collect our plastics and cans and take them to a recycling center and offer the bag to someone in line, the one with the least to turn in. I've also handed the collection to someone I see on the street trying to gather recyclables. Leaving a full plastic bag next to one's Dumpster might also make someone's day.

Could this be a compromise for a situation that will go on whether the risk of police intervention is present or not? It sure makes my day to get a grateful smile from recipients of my small gesture of help.