Letters to the Editor

Save my dog from euthanasia

Save my dog from euthanasia

On Jan. 1, my dog went under my fence and bit another dog as the owners were walking him down the street. After a hearing with the city of Turlock, it was decided to put the dog down. I am asking that you print this letter to help me save my dog. He is not vicious, just territorial. But from behind a desk, the decision was made. They could at least go to the pound and see the dog before making their decision. It is unfair and unjust to put down an animal by making a decision without seeing the animal in question.

The dog has been teased by people with other dogs and the fence has been kicked by the kids in the neighborhood. What rights do animals have? Even repeat offenders get three strikes. Help me by calling the city of Turlock and tell them you want to save Kilo. It could be your favorite animal, too.