Letters to the Editor

Rescue groups trustworthy helpers

Shelters have relationships of trust with rescue organizations -- they know that we will spay-neuter, seek medical care, and carefully select homes for pets. The $10 reimburses the county for vaccinations to prevent deadly disease and will not come close to covering rescue expenses.

Shelters need rescues; we save space and, subsequently, adoptable pets. We bear the overload and take the unadopted pets that need more care. Owners also contact us to place their pets in good homes. Adopters may miss their favorite breed at the shelter; they'll find it through a breed- specific rescue.

Rescues typically have set adoption fees that we may lower, as in the case of an elderly dog. Bay Area Poodle Rescue fees are $350 for a standard or large mix, $250 for a mini, toy or small mix; fees haven't increased in years, despite rising prices everywhere. We're a nonprofit run by volunteers, like most other rescues. Adopters get a microchipped dog with its shots, veterinary and personality information, at minimum. Often the dog is housebroken and leash trained. A bargain!


volunteer, www.bayareapoodlerescue.org