Letters to the Editor

Celebrate rescue of shelter dogs

Regarding "Great dog sent to San Francisco" (Jan. 18, Letters): The $87 adoption fee does not cover the actual cost for vaccinations and spay-neuter surgery. The low adoption fee is subsidized to encourage more adoptions.

While it is true that many rescue organizations charge a higher adoption fee than municipal shelters, there is no money left over after expenses to split with someone. Most rescues barely break even.

The writer said the dog "was a very desirable breed." Did he mean a purebred? The long-term cost of a healthy purebred puppy will far exceed the adoption cost of a dog adopted from a rescue group.

The Stanislaus Animal Shelter has many challenges and an overcrowded system. If a rescue comes to save an animal before a possible adopter arrives, it's time to celebrate.


co-chairwoman, Shelter Pet Alliance