Letters to the Editor

Balance safety against ADA regulations

I saw a story on KCRA concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prevents discrimination against people with disabilities. The story concerned a young boy with cerebral palsy who could not move his arms or legs. His parents brought him to Leland High Sierra Snowplay area on Highway 108, where patrons slide down a steep hill.

The parents demanded the operator allow the child to ride the tow-lift so he could slide down the hill. The operator told them that he really could not allow the child to participate because there was a potential for injury. He even offered them free access to the hill so that the boy could play on a small hill. The parents were not satisfied and left. Then they contacted KCRA to complain.

Does the ADA require owners of public facilities to make them available to disabled persons even though there is a serious risk of harm? Common sense tells us that there are some things that disabled persons cannot do.