Letters to the Editor

Keep hands-free cell chats drama-free

Come July 1, we will be required to be hands- free when using cell phones. We need to take it upon ourselves to go a step farther. Keep conversations while driving brief and unemotional, such as: "I'll meet you at Tahoe Joe's at 7:30; have a good day," then hang up.

I am a driving instructor and I spend a lot of time on our local highways and byways. I have seen people wiping away tears while on the cell phone and making a lane change without signaling or looking over their shoulders. I could go on and on.

A turn signal is also a communication device. It's more important to communicate with your fellow drivers than with the person on the other end of your phone. If the phone call is more important, then pull over and deal with it. We have to start thinking about the risk at hand rather than simply what's convenient.