Letters to the Editor

Business owners, lock your Dumpsters

In response to "Divers leave disgusting mess" (Jan. 27, Page B-7): Dumpster divers provide a valuable service for the business owners of Modesto. They recycle so others can reuse. The writer complained about the cost of cleanup being a small fortune after Dumpster divers have gone through parking lot trash receptacles and left what they didn't want scattered about.

Solution: Invest in containers with locking lids for your trash. Locked containers would be a deterrent to Dumpster divers.

Even better: Purchase "recycle" containers that could be put right next to the trash cans in your parking lot. If your customers sorted the trash for you, you probably would never have to clean up again.

Dumpster divers would take the recyclables for you and just the trash would be left in locked-lid containers. Both sides come out winners.