Letters to the Editor

Latinos are being used as scapegoats

Hitler pointed his finger at the Jews as the cause of Germany's economic woes. Today we have similarly deluded individuals pointing fingers at Latinos. The underlying cause of illegal immigration is a great problem that is threatening to blow the world's economic system apart.

Last year alone, the North American Free Trade Agreement bankrupted 90 percent of Mexico's rice farmers. The Mexican economy is almost nonfunctional. Land and small-business owners find it next to impossible to get loans. The ethanol boondoggle has made it difficult for the average Mexican to even buy tortillas. The No. 1 cause of death among children is malnutrition.

You idiots out there patrolling the borders and building fences are doing nothing but helping to build a giant gulag called Mexico. Trying to stop illegal immigration is like trying to put out smoldering stumps behind the forest fire. It solves nothing.

Illegal immigrants come here because their families are starving.

Soon, the border fence may be used to keep foreclosed American homeowners out of Mexico.