Letters to the Editor

Forget overpass, patch the potholes

This has to be the biggest waste I heard of yet -- $864,286 for sprinklers and trees to make the Briggsmore overpass look better. They don't need to plant native grasses, the overpass is covered with that already. How about fixing the streets? McHenry Avenue at Briggsmore is so bad with all the holes and a fountain that never seems to work. Covered with "native weeds," it's a beauty for visitors to see.

I have a better idea: Have Coit do the work; look at what a beautiful job the company did at Briggsmore and Sisk at a cost to the city of $0. I use Coit now whenever I need cleaning done, and hope many more residents do also.

Funny how we can find money to waste, but can't find it for the police or fire departments.