Letters to the Editor

Don't be so quick to criticize officers

This is regarding "Deputies used Tasers improperly, lawsuit says," (Jan. 29, Page B-1). I read this in disgust. The headline is misleading. Lawsuits can say anything the petitioner wants it to say; doesn't mean it is true. How are law enforcement supposed to take down an attacker? Should they throw pillows and bubble wrap? Maybe they should have asked this person more nicely to stop. Let's see, this man breaks into a home, assaults the occupants and then went outside. What does being an epileptic have to do with breaking the law? I feel badly for the parents. Any parent who loses a child is devastated. Here is a suggestion to all 43-year-old epileptics: If you don't want to be Tasered, don't break the law.

Before you condemn our officers (who put their lives on the line daily), maybe parents should teach their children that breaking the law might result in death. What a deterrent this little statement could make.