Letters to the Editor

Don't forget to pick up my mail

Here's another post office story. A couple of years ago my landlady installed a "secure mail vault." It is programmed so you had a personal security code to open the door to get your incoming mail. So far, no problems. For outgoing mail there is a clip on the inside of the outer door, and a red signal flag on the bottom of the vault to alert the carrier. This part of the system utterly confuses the carriers, as my outgoing mail seldom, if ever, gets picked up.

I have trained ever so many "permanent" carriers, but they only last a month or so. I have written to the postmaster suggesting that an instructional memo be put out to employees, but apparently this hasn't been done as the problem still exists. On Saturdays, I never expect outgoing mail to be picked up as there is always a different carrier. It is nice to know my incoming mail is secure, but it would also be nice to have my outgoing mail picked up.