Letters to the Editor

Any ideology, when too rigid, will fail

In response to "Obama's hidden Marxist agenda" (Feb. 1, Page B-6): The writer and I are in agreement that we tire of the Clintons, though probably for different reasons. However, regarding the suggestion that there is a communist manifesto hidden within Barack Obama's statements, methinks someone has been sipping the neo-con Kool Aid.

We ain't dealing with the Unabomber here (yes, I know ain't ain't a word). Any form of extreme government, including capitalism, is likely doomed in the long haul. If we had no laws against monopolies (though some would say we really don't), then pure capitalism would favor the mightiest company and we would have a business monarchy. Like it or not, there are social ideas in our own capitalist and democratic society where the people pay for services that benefit the many. History teaches us that any culture that is too rigid is likely to fail. Thank you for making your black-and-white thinking apparent to this otherwise "less astute listener." However, I think I will continue to advocate openness to a variety of ideas vs. a myopic vision of America's future.