Letters to the Editor

Letter filled with distortion; here are the facts

To calm the fears of the writer of "Is bin Laden giving to Obama?" (Feb. 2, Letters), I offer facts he was unable to uncover for himself. Barack Obama did not attend a radical Muslim madrassa in Indonesia. He attended two schools there, one Catholic, and one public. CNN senior international correspondent John Vause went to SDN Menteng 1 and confirmed that contrary reports are false.

The only politician to use the Koran during an official ceremony was Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and MSNBC has an article regarding him on its Web site.

The single picture of Obama without his hand over his heart during the national anthem? Check Snopes.com, keywords "Hand Over Heart" for the complete story.

Finally, the writer's assumption that if Osama bin Laden were running for president he might win on a campaign of "change," being a "proven leader" and a "breath of fresh air" -- the same terms applied to Sen. Obama -- is unfortunate. The letter writer obviously has no faith in the American public, who surely can tell a terrorist from a public-school student and fiction from fact. Surely, these same voters will make an informed decision about whomever they vote for, and not be influenced by distortion of the truth.