Letters to the Editor

Anti-Obama letter betrays racism

In response to "Is bin Laden giving to Obama?" (Feb. 2, Letters): Thanks for printing this letter. It reveals America's dirty little secret -- that our citizenry is infested with bigots. The writer is afraid that if Osama bin Laden could run for U.S. president he might get elected. So much for at least half of American voters! The real target is Barack Obama, who "has collected large donations" and, "given his Muslim background" might have bin Laden as "one of his main contributors."

Get it? Not only could Obama be receiving such a donation, but he would actually keep it.

Facts: A record 47 percent of Obama's contributions were less than $200 and all candidates can, and do, legally collect "large donations" of up to $2,300. Obama, who as a child went to public school in the mostly Muslim country of Indonesia, was then and remains a Christian. These disingenuous fantasies are the stuff of bigotry, which still poisons American society. Out, out, vile scourge!