Letters to the Editor

Help Humane Society, Guardians

2008 has started out to be a happy new year for the cats and kittens of Stanislaus County. Jan. 12, Alley Cat Guardians had its monthly clinic for spaying and neutering of strays and ferals. On Jan. 13, the newly formed Humane Society of Stanislaus County had its first pet cat spay-neuter clinic. Both organizations are committed to making a significant impact on the county's cat population, but they need help from the community.

Alley Cat Guardians is raising funds to open its first, and much-needed, permanent facility for spaying and neutering feral and stray cats. The Humane Society of Stanislaus County is planning monthly clinics for pet cats. I ask the community to help these two wonderful organizations to reduce the cat population by volunteering, fund-raising and donating. These clinics are a blessing for the cats in Stanislaus County. Please support them.