Letters to the Editor

Bush-Cheney failed; get used to it

Two letters on Jan. 18, perfectly juxtaposed ("Who approves of this president?" and "Lay off president; he's retiring"), made clear the chasm that has divided our body politic since the Bush-Cheney administration purloined power in 2000. One, addressed to all California Democrats, asked us to "Take a look ... at the mess this state is in, thanks to you Democrats." The other listed the top 10 signs of a "dirty and dangerous president" and asked: "Who are the 28 to 37 percent of us that approve of the job George W. Bush is doing?"

During his 2000 campaign Bush boasted "I am a uniter, not a divider," and his devoted partisans have believed that folly ever since, despite facts to the contrary. His believers taunted Democrats who rose up to question his "selection" by the Supreme Court, saying, "Get used to it."

Facts now reveal the two Bush-Cheney administrations to be dismal failures. Bush-Cheney supporters should "get used to it" and accept the fact that they put two incompetents into the most important offices in our government. To them, I send this line from a Cole Porter song: "Use your mentality, wake up to reality."