Letters to the Editor

Where has all that money gone?

Regarding "Panel: Raise gas tax 40 cents, fix bridge, road 'crisis' " (Jan. 16, Page A-4): I would like someone to give an explanation why the state and federal governments have to raise taxes on gasoline.

Shortly after World War II, in the '50s and '60s, our government added a road tax on gasoline to build the interstate system. After it was built, did they stop the tax? No.

It seems to me with the growth of the population, more automobiles and more gallons of gasoline used, there should have been enough money acquired through this tax to maintain the roads.

Tell me where this money is or has gone. This money should be there for road use only. If it has been siphoned off for other projects, as was done with the Social Security funds, the government should repay it.

The 40-cent tax raise that the panel wants is outrageous. I still believe the increase in the number of automobiles and trucks on the roads today means more fuel being used and more tax money acquired.