Letters to the Editor

Latino citizens will get theirs in polls

Responding to "A vote for Hillary is a vote for Mexico" (Jan. 30, Page B-6): The ignorance and prejudice displayed in this letter will help galvanize Latinos to vote, because for every undocumented person there are probably several U.S. citizen relatives who vote.

It's disrespectful to say that Hillary Clinton will be flying around on a broom. I dislike most of President Bush's policies, but that doesn't mean I call him names.

Not all Latinos came over the border recently. There are many with deep roots in the United States, so the premise that the Mexican flag would be waving is an exaggeration to stir up prejudice and fear. I'm proud to be of Mexican descent, but I'm also proud of flying the U.S. flag. Even though Latinos have won more Medals of Honor per capita than any other group and the billion-dollar U.S. agricultural industry is supported on their backs, it seems that no matter what, Latinos will not be accepted. Being a disabled combat veteran and having my patriotism questioned because I'm Latino is a slap in the face. However, we (the Latino vote) will have a major say in upcoming elections, and that makes me optimistic.