Letters to the Editor

Scenic Modesto path gets trashed

I am writing in regard to the easement north of Standiford Avenue, between Semallon Drive and Tully Road. An asphalt bicycle/jogging path meanders through this easement. Many of the homeowners whose properties back up to this easement seem to think it's an alley. Behind their back fences, visible to the jogging path, are remodeling debris; discards of all kinds, including a mattress; tree trimmings; and lots of garbage. Also along the easement are discarded grocery carts, some empty and some full of junk. Fences have fallen down and not been replaced.

This city-maintained path, which could be beautiful and inviting, is unsightly and disgusting. It's appreciated by many, but abused by others. Would a "No Dumping" sign be of help? How about a fine imposed on guilty parties? Could homeowners adjacent to the path be held responsible for their mess? Let's show some respect for the privilege of having these wonderful and useful jogging paths in our city.