Letters to the Editor

Police too busy to watch Dumpsters

It is with great disgust that I read Jeff Jardine's column ("Nail those dreaded Dumpster divers now," Jan. 13, Page B-1) regarding the city ordinance banning Dumpster diving. There were letters in the same issue, all appearing to blame the Modesto Police Department for enacting this ordinance and harassing the homeless. If it was requested by the Police Department, I am sure there was good reason.

I am neither for nor against the ordinance. I am a retired law enforcement officer, and I do take issue with what appears to be pot shots taken at the MPD.

I can assure you that police officers in Modesto are not frothing at the bit to make arrests or issue citations to the homeless. Our police, the Sheriff's Department, and all of the other agencies in this county do an outstanding job of protecting and serving all of us. It is unfortunate that Jardine and some of your readers feel that officers are going to abuse this ordinance and use it as a tool to harass the homeless.

The officers are far too busy with calls to stake out Dumpsters. Furthermore, I think they are better than that, and we should all be thankful for the job they do.