Letters to the Editor

Personal advice: Don't be a victim

Things I have learned in the past few weeks: Don't leave your keys in a coat pocket and leave it unattended. Don't keep your car's remote lock-unlock device on your key chain. Don't keep your car registration or address identifying papers in your glove box. Don't keep credit cards or cash in your home when you are not there. Don't label home files by credit card name. Don't keep credit card PINs in your files.

Don't keep important information in your computer at home unless you secure it with a password. Do get a GPS or OnStar system installed in your car. Do get a LoJack system installed in your computer. If your credit cards are stolen and used, make sure the times recorded and reported to you are in your time zone. Do notify all credit reporting agencies, even though they say you only need to tell one. Do get a home alarm system and use it. Finally, if you know of someone who suddenly has a nice laptop and a new Xbox without any means of purchasing it, contact the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department.