Letters to the Editor

Proposition 93 deceives voters

The power that deep-pocketed lobbyists wield over our state representatives too often sidesteps the people. Let's consider the cleverly worded Proposition 93. The initiative's title is "Limits On Legislators' Terms In Office."

Granted, legislators that serve in both the Assembly and the Senate would be limited to 12 years in office -- as opposed to 14 at present. This, however, is a self-serving, deceptive ploy to lure voters into extending Assembly term limits from three two-year terms to six two-year terms, and the Senate from two four-year terms to three four-year terms.

Millions in contributions from lobbyists have paid for Proposition 93 and the advertising behind it. I'm referring to corporations, labor unions, utility companies and attorneys' political action committees.

Make no mistake, completely eliminating term limits is the primary goal of nearly all lobbyists. In contrast, a sizable number of concerned individual citizens are funding the fight against Proposition 93. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association has given huge contributions toward the measure's defeat as well.

Senate and Assembly leaders broke their promises to reform redistricting. Let's send a message to Sacramento. Defeat Proposition 93.


Ceres city councilman