Letters to the Editor

Would you work for $1 an hour?

Measure M has been unfairly attacked by many in the city of Modesto. I think it is unfair to suggest that any member of the City Council ran for office on the outside chance of someday getting a raise.

I don't believe that Measure M's critics really understand what the mayor and City Council do for our city on a daily basis. For $800 a month (before taxes) they attend many meetings, putting in many hours to ensure that our city's best interests are represented and protected. I hope that those who oppose Measure M can realize that the council members are always on duty. At every supermarket, theater or restaurant, someone has a question. Don't get me wrong -- this is why they ran for office, to serve their city. In reality, the council members serve our city for less than a dollar an hour. Would you work for this pay? Thank you, City Council.