Letters to the Editor

Don't reward our bad legislators

The last state budget took Sacramento lawmakers forever to pass -- and we are already facing a shortage in excess of $14 billion. Now, they want us to reward them by increasing their terms through passage of Proposition 93.

Proponents claim that legislators require more time in office to gain experience and to become more flexible and effective.

They further claim that "increasing term limits" in the Assembly from three two-year terms to six two-year terms (from six to 12 years), and in the Senate from two four-year terms to three four-year terms (from eight to 12 years) will translate into a greater ability to tackle issues such as global warming and inadequate health care. A projected 80 percent of the Legislature would enjoy significantly extended terms (provided they're re-elected) -- including those who would otherwise term out.

How can the Legislature expect to improve education or the health care system when they have so little concern for California's fiscal health? Too many legislators are critical of any form of budgetary reductions.