Letters to the Editor

Obama's hidden Marxist agenda

Watching Hillary Clinton get pummeled in the South Carolina primary gave me great pleasure. She and Bill are truly bad human beings and having them get their comeuppance so publicly gave me hope. Hope that Americans are no longer putting up with the Clintons' lust for power.

But, unfortunately, in the midst of my joy, sorrow was about to rear its ugly head. Barack Obama came out to deliver his victory speech. It was in that moment, I realized, the record number of people who came out to put a slap down on Hillary, had, in fact, advanced the cause of Marxism in the being of Obama.

Oh, he was shrewd, ever so carefully hiding the creed of the Communist Manifesto, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" with the code words "that out of many we are one ... a shared sacrifice and shared prosperity." A less astute listener probably missed the parallel, so I felt compelled to expose this sleight of hand. Obama apparently doesn't understand that coerced self-sacrifice causes society to self-destruct, and that is exactly what he is advocating. Socialism always fails; capitalism (without government interference) always succeeds.