Letters to the Editor

Who approves of the Democrats?

In response to "Who approves of this president?" (Jan. 18, Letters) listing 10 signs of a dangerous president:

1. The president governs with secrecy: During World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt demanded secrecy. "Loose lips sink ships" was a slogan seen everywhere. Roosevelt and the American people were determined to win the war. Today, out of hatred for President Bush, the Democrats are determined to lose the war on terrorism.

2. The president attacks. Let's look at the slanderous attacks against Bush during the last seven years: Calling him Hitler, worse than al-Qaida and more. These attacks, all lies, show disrespect for the office of the president.

3. After many investigations, there is no proof Bush has lied about anything or uses policy to favor certain people.

4. Unnecessary war? How many times did Bill Clinton take our country to war? Four times. How many times did Clinton go to Congress for approval? Zero.

5. The U.S. Constitution gives the president specific authorities, but the Democrats in Congress have tried everything to take these away, such as conducting war and appointing judges. This also shows lack of respect for the office.

Why should the Democrats be allowed to occupy the White House?




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