Letters to the Editor

It matters if Obama is Muslim

Regarding Leonard Pitts' column "Barack Obama is not Muslim -- would it matter if he were?" (Sunday, Page B-6): Ask the British, Spanish, French, Filipino or Danish people. They can all explain the results of free-thinking, liberal or progressive attitudes and laws, generous welfare and open borders. Multiculturalism with Islam does not work. In just 30 years, Denmark has gone from low crime rates, devotion to the environment, a superior educational system and generous immigration policies to violent death in the streets, burning of government officials' homes, overcrowded prisons due to Muslim defiance of the laws and bankrupt budgets due to welfare to immigrants. Muslim leaders there are also threatening injection of Islamic laws into the government and the people.

Obama was enrolled in the Muslim Wahabi school in Jakarta, Indonesia, by his second father, Lolo Soetoro. Does this matter to you and me? If he were not running for president, maybe not.

We are what we experience. Our thoughts and choices are made because of what we know and have learned. Any U.S. government official with sympathy toward Islam is a danger to the United States.