Letters to the Editor

No on M: Measure lacks clarity

Vote "no" on Measure M, a cloudy charter change description that fails to define clear steps to brighter, affordable city financial future.

The council irresponsibly denied 80,000-plus utility bill payers a firm vote on whether to increase water, sewer and garbage bills. Why? Will the council ever collect $7 million-plus owed by county to Modesto, or collect millions "borrowed" by state when state was in hard times? The council hires out-of-town consultants costing taxpayers millions. Why? Council repeatedly votes to further spend millions on senseless lawsuits. Why?

Current council has spun us out of control on budget with their too much, too fast spending! Council should let local voters decide on the pace of expansion, whether our city should accept paying for state and county millions in unfunded mandates. Would you reward a close majority council for irresponsibly stressing our family budgets?

Council must study why cities are rated at and near No. 1 by city critics! Merit increases when citizens' goals are met, not mandatory salary increases for pie-in-the-sky promises.