Letters to the Editor

No on M: New way to deplete coffers

Measure M is yet another attempt by the elitist and self-serving of Modesto. Over and over, these seemingly well-meaning people dream up ways to further deplete the city coffers. Why doesn't The Bee profile the income, professions and ties to special interests of these public- spirited do-gooders? Do you think any of them have to worry about how they will make their house, utility, car and insurance payments? How many have to be concerned about feeding their children, clothing them, getting them ready for school, doctor bills, dentists and holding down a job in this economy? How many of these elitists have family incomes of more than $100,000 a year?

Modesto has one of the nation's highest rates of loss of homes. Building construction has almost ceased and with it hundreds of local jobs. Our streets are a nightmare to travel. Police and fire are underfunded. Measure M will only add to the money woes of the city. What Measure M will do is provide someone else to point the finger at when further reductions in spending are cried by the mayor and council. Measure M will allow salary increases for elected officials -- more spending and less service.