Letters to the Editor

Better things to do with stimulus plan

What would I do with $600? Well, I really don't think it's going to help our economy much, considering the average consumer has thousands in credit card debt. We probably could build 25 new gas refineries at a cost of $25 billon. Since we haven't built a new one for 30 years, I think we could build each one for about a billion each. Then fix the pipeline in Alaska for another $5 billion to $10 billion. Then shore up our banking system, instead of having foreign countries do it. We owe them enough already.

Come on, guys in D.C., wake up! Let's do something other than waste time and money, not another giveaway program!

Let's face it, there is enough oil out there. Mr. President, please don't beg the oil-rich countries for more oil. Let's go after the oil we have; let's make this country strong with our resources, not other countries' resources. Let's all grow up. We can't spend more than we make year after year. Giving everyone $800 to spend isn't the answer!