Letters to the Editor

The Bee should not print racist letters

I'm dismayed that The Bee would publish the racist comments in the letter "No on 93, Measure M: Stop Latino losers" (Jan. 23). The headline The Bee chose was as racist as the text. The Bee should do better by its readers. It is not censorship for a community newspaper to have appropriate standards.

As for reforming term limits, shortening the overall time legislators can serve while giving them more experience in either the Assembly or Senate is important public policy with broad implications for shaping California's future. Proposition 93 strikes a balance between preserving term limits and increasing effectiveness, which is why Gov. Schwarzenegger and the nonpartisan public interest group Common Cause support the measure.

Given all that, to dismiss Proposition 93 because of the transition period for several legislators, including the speaker, as The Bee seems to, or because the speaker is Latino, as the Bee allowed the letter writer to do, is -- to be extremely charitable -- shortsighted.


deputy chief of staff,

Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez