Letters to the Editor

No on Proposition 93: Less accountability

Proposition 93 (the Term Limits and Legislative Reform Act) is disingenuous and shifty, and its passage would be a disservice to those who strive for accountability in government.

California suffers from a budget shortfall of $14 billion. This will escalate to billions more in the next fiscal year unless spending and bond debt are drastically reduced. To the disapproving consternation of state legislators, Gov. Schwarzenegger is proposing a 10 percent reduction of all state services that are paid for by the general fund. There's a disconnect among legislators in understanding that they cannot routinely outspend available revenue, leaving the state in debt.

Career politicians in Sacramento are asking that we double their potential time in the Assembly from three two-year terms to six (12 years total), and increase state senators from two four-year terms to three (12 years total). Shaving off two years from a possible 14-year career maximum (six years in the Assembly and eight in the Senate) is what they call reasonable "balance."

I call it self-serving business as "abuse-ual." What's wrong with balancing the budget? What about a fair, balanced and long overdue redistricting plan? Where's the sense of priority?